North Carolina native, LaToya Ja’Nay Abram-Payton is a loving and determined mother and entrepreneur. After a near death car accident and a major fail from justice, Latoya put the future of her family into the highest perspective. Desiring to create a legacy that could provide for her family she founded Payton Place LLC, a online boutique of motherhood essentials for new and experienced mothers and Accepting Prosperity, Inc. a nonprofit organization that focuses on uplifting and motivating women through coaching and mindfulness techniques that allow participants to find and understand their purpose, develop a life plan and build self confidence. Latoya’s mission is to create a prime e-commerce platform for mothers of all experience levels, an engaging STEM program and center through Accepting Prosperity, Inc. and launch a successful life coaching business for women.

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Payton Place, LLC was established in 2020. We started this company with “YOU” in mind!  We asked ourselves “What would “YOU” need to enhance your life?  So, we came up with a “UNIVERSAL” product:  The Comfy Kneeler - Bath Kneeler and Arm Rest Pad Set for your “TUB”.  This feature is to protect your knees, arms and back!  Yep, no-more back pain during bath time!  Your bonding experience can begin with your loved ones. This ultimate bathing tool is for every parent, grandparent, nanny, caregiver, and pet owner. This is the greatest gift idea to give for a baby shower, birthday or just because!


Machine washable safe, quick to dry and breathable to avoid mildew. Hang it, store it for indoor or outdoor use at home or on vacation.  A great bath time option for your newborn, toddler, pet, washing gentle garments, elderly love ones or just cleaning the tub!