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Imagine a world where children don't feel the magic of books.

Merging Technology and Reading through Augmented Reality!!


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Colorful Furmotions
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Is your child struggling with emotions?

Find your child's voice with us!

Unleash your child's emotions today!

Unlock curiosity with an Augmented Reality Experience

Countless fun for children...Peace of minds for parents and teachers!!!

Imagine a world where children don't feel the magic of books, where there are no stories to inspire the next generation of diverse thinkers, creators, and leaders! Let's make reading fun again! Colorful emotions series is all about expressing emotions in a fun and healthy way.  Merry and her furmotion friend helps angry Mr. Cross find his “happy!"  Payton Place Publishing books are written with love with an AR (augmented reality) experience! A true modern-day popup book with a twist!

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